Welcome to my new blog!

Since my other blog was deleted, I want to start a new blog for the fans of male nudity in NYC stage! I really like the look of wordpress, so hopefully you all will like it too. I will try my best to update this regularly. All comments or feedbacks from my readers are very much welcome. These keep me inspired to continue researching and reporting for shows with male nudity, knowing there are other people like me who likes these stuff!


  1. Welcome back! Sorry your other blog was deleted. Blogspot unfortunately does this all the time. Do you think it would be possible to repost on some of the most recent shows? There was one i was interested in (an off-off broadway show i believe) but i cannot recall the name. Thanks!l

  2. I’ve had my blog deleted from Blogger before too. I eventually got it restored but I know the frustration & I think wordpress is an alternative I should keep in mind should it happen again. Anyway, I’m glad you’ve decided to start again. You have a great concept & I love reading all of the reviews of shows I live too far away to see in person. Good luck here at your new home & thanks for the hard work you put into keeping us all so well informed.

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