Artcamp Time Sexy Football

From the press release:

ArtCamp SexyTime FootBall, conceived and directed by Jessica Burr, is a smutty, sweaty, epic exploration of violence, betrayal and desire. There is something shocking for everyone in this fearless game of gay and straight, hot fantasy and cold reality. This show contains adult content, foul language, and nudity.

Venue: Interart Theatre
Prices: $15.00
Opened: April 30, 2011
Closes: May 23, 2011

Online Ticketing
Tickets On Sale Thru: May 23, 2011
Performance Schedule:
Mon at 7:00pm
Thu at 8:00pm
Fri at 8:00pm
Sat at 8:00pm
Sun at 5:00pm
no perfs: May 12

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