Your Opinion Matters

One of the readers “Nito”  brought to my attention that the reason my other blog was deleted was because I made a lot of people in the theater community angry and lots of complaints stemming from the contest for best male nude scene category . I asked him what made other people get angry with it ? Is it the whole voting process ? Is it just that particular category?
A lot of other questions popped up in my mind.

Is there a better way to do it?  Should I scrap the whole voting itself? What is in it that made other people angry? How can I correct or improve on it?

While I am waiting for his reply, I am opening this issue to all the readers. I appreciate “Nito” for bringing this issue to my attention even though it’s kinda late. (The voting finished Jan 30)!

I know most readers just want to be passive, however, I won’t be able to improve this blog if I  don’t get feedback from you guys.  I will appreciate it very much for your comments so I can continue improving this blog.

Thanks in advance!


  1. This is slightly off-topic – but I can’t find anywhere on here to send you e-mail if we’ve seen something with male nudity in NYC, that we want to let you know about. What’s the best way to report back so that you can get it up on the blog? Namely “Nameless Forest” at the Kitchen in Chelsea, which has two of the MOST beautiful nude male bodies you’ve EVER seen on a stage, in a dance piece that is stunning and moving. I hope you’ll report on it, because the nudity got me there (and even that exceeded my hopes), but I came away with a whole lot more.

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