Kari Bentley Quinn’s play being staged by Packawallop Productions is decent from the acting to set design. However, the script could benefit from some trimming. The play has so many scene changes. If this was a TV movie , it is fine . But for a stage play, I think some scenes can be combined in such a way that some short scenes are not there just to set up the following scene .

As usual, Susan Louise O’Connor is right on the money as Amy, having a sadomasochistic relationship with the hunky Eric T Miller as David.  Maleissa Hamman as Julie, friend of Amy and lover of a teenage lesbian 15 years her junior, is a standout too.

Eric T Miller and Susan Louise O'Connor from Packawallop Productions

Too bad Eric T Miller only went as far as his boxers . He has a nice smooth chest. Hope to see more of him in the future.

NUDITY RATING: 1 (underwear only)

Opened: April 17, 2011
Closes: May 8, 2011

Synopsis: This new play by Kari Bentley-Quinn follows five people in a modern American town who are connected through a chain of surprising relationships.
Venue: Access Theatre
Prices: $18.00
Online Ticketing
Box Office/Info: 212-352-3101
Tickets On Sale Thru: May 8, 2011

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