Dood Paard’s REIGEN AD LIB

Dood Paard. Photo by Sanne Peper

Dood Paard’s version of Arthur Schnitzler’s “Reigen”, REIGEN  ad lib shown at the Guggenheim was only partially successful. Everyone familiar with the play, it is a daisy link chain of people having sex with each other. What this Dutch company did was to exaggerate all characters comically presenting them almost as caricature. For the first few scenes it worked but since everything were over the top and for over 2 hours, my attention faded.

The five cast members composed of 2 women and 3 men gave their all. Kuno Bakker the leader of the group is really a presence on stage. He has a certain charisma that can command an audience. He has a shaved head nice toned body, with moderate light brown body hair and very nice hairy legs and ass. You can see his member hidden only by a see through red mesh . I can see him playing a very good villain in Holywood movies. What a hunk! He has that certain dangerous charm in him.

The other 2 male members also did not disappoint in terms of nudity. If you want your European man next door type specifically Dutch, they fit the bill. One  was in a mesh see through briefs throughout the second scene. You can see his package as well as his ass clearly. He is kind of skinny has no body hair.

The other actor is a little bit on chunky side, and he also showed his behind  all throughout the first scene. He also flashed his willy a couple of times.


To check out which current shows have male nudity:

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