I happen to pass by Repertorio Espanol today and realize that ‘Dona Flor y Sus dos Maridos’ is still playing.  I remember reviewing this play 2 years ago and it has male nudity!

It still stars the Cuban actor Francisco Gattorno.    (pictured, right)

‘Doña Flor y Sus dos Maridos’ A Spanish-language adaptation of Jorge Amado’s novel,a sex farce (“Doña Flor and Her Two Husbands”) with the clarity and logic of a folk tale and the spirit of a party

Repertorio Español at Gramercy Arts Theater, 138 East 27th Street , (212) 225-9920,;

Check their facebook pics:

Upcoming shows:

May 7        8 pm

May 8        2:30 pm

May 8        6

July 23      8

July 24       2:30

To check other currently running shows with male nudity:

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