Michael Esper and Stephen Spinella by Michal Daniel

I admit I have read too many reviews and comments about Tony Kushner’s INTELLIGENT HOMOSEXUAL even before I saw the play. (I wanted a good seat! And was only able to get one at a later date) .

It’s too long.

No one talks like that.

Characters are unrelatable.

The topic is not as relevant as ANGELS IN AMERICA.

Since I already purchased my tix. I decided. To hell with the reviews. I will not analyze the play and just try to enjoy the ride. There were two intermissions. If I really was too bored, I have two chances to walk out.
And to my surprise I actually enjoyed it. I finished Kushner’s 3 hour and 45 minute epic. And I had fun! With all the hyfalutin words and historical topics Kushner threw into the play , (maybe to create topics or issues for discussion) but what I got was about coming to terms with someone you love about something inevitable.Either you agree or disagree with certain issues Kushner presented is beside the point . The ensemble cast is excellent. Stephen Spinella ,  Steven Pasquale and Linda Emond as the children were standouts together with Michael Cristofer as the father.    Michael Esper as the hustler, Danielle Skraaastad as the lesbian lover and Molly Price as the widow were also outstanding.  The production design is very well done.

Only Spinella went full frontal among the cast members duringstart of Act Two .  He got up from bed to get dressed. If you sit more to audience right side, you will have a better view of Stephen. Emery as the hustler went only as far as his boxer briefs.

Too bad the hottie Steven Pasquale ‘s character V didn’t require any disrobing . Here he is from some of his TV show appearances. (Thanks to Superhero Fan)

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Nudity Rating: 4

To check other shows that has male nudity:

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