Transcending Form
June 2 – August 24, 2011

Set piece by David LaChapelle
Featuring Live Music
A New Dance Work by John Byrne

Theatre 80
80 St. Mark’s Place.
$15 online or donations at Box Office.
For Tickets and Showtimes please visit,
or call 347.843.5244

Performance contains nudity.

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  1. I saw TRANSCENDING FORM this evening and liked it. It is a series of dance pieces performed sometimes to music, sometimes to the accompaniment of live singing by Gina Figueroa, a strikingly beautiful woman with a pretty good voice. The show begins and ends with some sort of birth and rebirth scene (I think). Both are performed in the nude, the first by Vincent Marra, a very cute guy barely out of high school with a lean build , the second by Llor Shneior, slightly more mature, shaved head and lean but more muscular build. Both scenes last around five minutes in which both of our boys cover most of the stage in nude dance. Quite erotic, actually. There is another scene towards the end in which all the male cast members strip off their dance costumes and put on jock straps and white leotard pants, but it is dark and difficult to see anything. (Funny, but the women in the cast also changed their dance attire, but all of that was done offstage) . I had a great seat in the middle of the front row but I think you get a great view from almost every seat, except, perhaps, on the extreme right and left. I would recommend the piece if you like dance. The cost is $15 or what you can afford. It is running most Wednesdays through August. I loved the Theatre, the St. Marks, by the way.

    One more thing, a question, as I am unfamiliar with modern dance and ballet. Was there some kind of significance when the male cast changed their costumes and all but one continued to dance barechested? Was there some significanc in the fourth man wearing a shirt?

    Thanks, and a great blog.

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