Jose Joaquin Perez and Lisa Fernandez in INTAR'S DRAWN AND QUARTERED

To create a two a character play is not easy. And in Maggie Boffil’s DRAWN AND QUARTERED, they are unfortunately underdeveloped.  The stakes are not high enough and issues are not too major, or should I say not too many to even cover the 50 minute performance time (In their press release, it is supposed to be 70 minutes). I felt as a one-act, it has a lot of potential, but as a full pledge play, the script is not ready for it. For 50 minutes, the play seemed much longer.  The actors are not at fault, Jose Joaquin Perez and Lisa Fernandez acted well but even their acting cannot save the play.

And the advertised nudity in the play never materialized.  When the lights went off, I was confused. “Did I misread the press release?”, “Is there another act to follow?”. Alas, no. There was no nudity except Jose Joaquin Perez shirtless and barefoot half of the play displaying his zero-percent body fat.

From our reader Billy :

“Went to see Drawn & Quartered tonight. The ticket expressly said “full nudity”. But there was none. The lead actor did get shirtless, and he’s a very sexy man. Wish they had shown the rest, I’m sure it’s a stunning visual (as may be reported by those who saw him go fully nude in a production of “Take Me Out”, which sadly I did not see). It’s a decent play, but not necessarily a great play, because it got whacky in the end and have very obnoxious off-stage drum beats accompanying the emotional content of the play. If it had included the full nudity promised, I probably would recommend this show, as the performances were good, and some of the writing was humorous and interesting… so nudity may have made the difference towards making it worth spending an evening seeing yet another story about two people breaking up and arguing over it. Both actors are very talented, and gave good solid performances. But I did feel a bit frustrated as I left the theater, because the draw for me to this particular piece was seeing the lead actor nude. And the way the show ended as it went into whacky land, left me a bit cold… and coupled with the lack of the promised nudity, I left the theater in this balmy June, feeling frigid.”
                                                                                                                                   From our reader Lucy:
” Jose Joaquin Perez is a hottie. He was shirtless during the latter part of the short 1 hour play. You could see his part of his butt when he bends over. Inspite of the nudity warning there was no nudity at all. Maybe there would be when they finally open. I watched it last Sunday still on previews.”
                                                                                                                                   From our reader Mark:
“I saw this last week and agree with Lucy.  There was no nudity.  The play was only around 45 minutes long and felt unfinished.  I am new to off Broadway theater going.  Ms Malou suggests that there may be nudity when the play opens,  Perhaps they will add the twenty minutes missing (the play was advertised as being 70 minutes long).Is this true?  Is it common to show what amounts to only two thirds of the play in previews?”                                                                                                                        
And in response to Mark’s question– I have been going to theater since 1996 and I haven’t encountered any play that holds up some scenes during the previews.  
                                                                                                                           NUDITY RATING: 1

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  1. According to the blurb accompanying the photo gallery for the play on Broadwayworld.com, the show contains nudity (the gallery was posted opening night). And the audition sheet says nudity is required for both characters during rehearsals/ performances. Somewhere between rehearsals and the play opening, the nudity must have been cut (along with 20 minutes of the play). I guess they just never bothered to change the press release.

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