New York’s 39 Hottest Guys in Theater!

2011 Hottest Guys in New York Theater from

After has posted their New York’s 39 Hottest Guys in Theater!

To check out their full article:

5 of 39 guys, we have reviewed their performances in my blog and Yahoo! Group and agree with the list which include:

Dave August– I can’t remember the play where he showed his uncut cock.

Will Bradley and Robert Mammana from their wonderful performances in TWENTIETH CENTURY WAY

Raul Esparza– showing his cute behind in Public Theater’s THE NORMAL HEART

Bill Heck – in his mouthwatering performance in ANGELS IN AMERICA

And I completely agree, the abovementioned guys deserve to be on that list.

Too bad, he didn’t consider Off and Off Off Broadway performances!

Because HASKELL KING deserves to be on this list! As well as MATTHEW PILIECI and LOGAN MARSHALL-GREEN!

Haskell King by Proscenium Photo



How about you guys, which NY Theater Actors deserve to be on this list?

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  1. Completely agree about Haskell King–no one deserves to be on that list more than he does. He’s the sexiest guy in any theater anywhere. His performance in Afterclap was amazing, and his full-frontal nudity for the first ten minutes of the play was the hottest ten minutes I’ve ever spent in a theater.

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