Ice Factory 2011

Soho Think Tank’s annual summer festival is starting next week. Does anyone have any info if these shows have male nudity?

Here is the list of shows:

An Impending Sense Of Doom: A mashup from Subjective Theatre Company that looks at the attractiveness of apocalypse and end days.

July 13 – July 16
Pontiac Firebird Variations: In this new show by Aztec Economy, a fractious New York crime family enlists six potential killers, pitting them against each other across a traffic jam of alternative realities.

July 6 – July 9
Sometimes in Prague: A chance encounter between three Americans in a Czech pub ignites this hybrid theatrical event.

July 27 – July 30
Struck: This new piece by Robert Saietta is billed as “Neuroscience that rocks!”

June 22 – June 25
The Pig, or Vaclav Havel’s Hunt for a Pig: An absurdist play by Vaclav Hacel, presented by Untitled Theater Company #61.

June 29 – July 2

Three Graces: An Iliad for modern Greece, told in the lyric voice of a woman named Three Graces.
July 20 – July 23

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