Cast of UNNATURAL ACTS by Joan Marcus

From our Yahoo!Group Member Macavity: “Just FYI — An actor named Roe Hartrampf is fully nude within the first 10 minutes of this play — he has a towel in front of him at times and seemed to be trying very hard to cover himself at tonight’s first preview, but he’s totally nude for about 30 seconds — stage left — I’d imagine the whole audience gets SOME sort of view though. Great body — didn’t have too close a look at his cock because the towel was moving around, but definitely easy on the eyes. More reports would be great!”

Tickets and Information

Classic Stage Company
 136 East 13th Street
 New York, NY 10003
Closes on July 10, 2011
Opened on June 14, 2011
Ticket Price: $60.00 Tuesday-Thursday; $65.00 Friday-Sunday
Tickets by Phone: 212-352-3101


  1. Saw this last Sunday in between watching the parade. Roe Hartrampf comes out totally naked from the shower and doesn’t cover himself much with the towel. Nice body and nice long cut dick and pubes. Best place to watch is left side of stage. He faces the left side. He is closer to the right side but you would see most his backside. Play is awesome by the way. Nudity Rating = 5

    1. Thanks Lucy! When u say left side of the stage, r u referring to audience left or stage left which is for actors stage direction ?

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