2011 Fresh Fruit Festival


all shows $18 unless otherwise listed

advance tickets at SmartTix.Com

Dirty Secrets – by Joe Marshall – full length – A smart, gender-bent thriller that pokes fun at brainless gay stereotypes. Right from the opening scene you know you’re watching a play about homosexuals. Instead of boring us with platitudes about the evils of pigeonholing people, the characters skewer stereotypes by spouting earnest lines like, “You don’t act gay — you’re masculine!” It’s all about Tom, who shows up at the home of Nick and Shane, a gay couple who live in Manhattan. Tom is depressed because he’s just discovered that his lover of eight years has had sex with another man. Shortly after Tom’s arrival, the truth is revealed, turning the confrontation into a thrilling but dangerous ménage à trois. . . with many Dirty Secrets exposed! nudity] Performances: 7/13 at 8:30; 7/14 at 5p; 7/16 at 6p; 7/17 at 4p;

4 Martinis – full length drama – Everything goes bare when an Argentinean gallery owner celebrates after a successful art show opening. Along with his ex, a Puerto Rican transsexual, his houseboy and her boy-toy, they invite a nudist artist and his lover to stay for the night at the SoHo loft they share. Their art talk is quickly deconstructed after they inject it with comments about racism, ageism, alcoholism and simple discrimination. These outlandish characters bare their souls, and themselves, while discussing their sexual attitudes and the problems that surface when their relationships are saddled with the strain caused by cultural differences. [nudity] Performances: 7/18 at 9:15pm; 7/19 at 5pm; 7/21 at 7pm; 7/23 at 1:30pm.

The Goddess Exotic – Evening of Burlesque hosted by Lady Vagina Jenkins, with “It’s a Little Stormy,” and more. – A queer cabaret vaudeville night. [nudity] – One Performance: Saturday 7/16 at 8:30p – $20

Posing – One Man Show that takes a comic, sometimes tragic and very naked look at the consequences of being a struggling artist. [nudity] Performances: 7/15 at 8:15p; 7/18 at 7:30p

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