Out of state nudity: TWENTIETH CENTURY WAY

I know this is slightly off topic, since it’s going to be in Philadelphia but since it is so close to NYC, this could be of interest to our blog readers.

The winner of 2010 Fringe NYC Award for Over-all Excellence in Production (Play), TWENTIETH CENTURY WAY, a metatheatrical two hander centered on an obscure bit of history from 1914 when two out of work actors executed a police sting operation entrapping 31 homosexuals in Long Beach restrooms, will be re-staged again at the Walking Fish Theater this August.

I decided to post it way in advance so for you who are interested to see this play, can plan ahead.

The role played by Will Bradley will now be played by Peter Andrew Danzig (photo, right), and Robert Mammana’s will be played by Thomas Raniszewski (photo, left).

The Twentieth-Century Way
by Tom Jacobson

Peter Andrew Danzig
Thomas Raniszewski
directed by:
Karen Case Cook

Contains sexual situations and nudity. Mature audiences only.

“One of the most Intelligent and sobering plays in the short history of gay theater.” – Stage and Cinema.

When: Wednesdays through Saturdays  8 PM
Saturday Matinee 2PM
August 10 through 20

Where: Walking Fish Theatre, 2509 Frankford Ave. Philadelphia, PA

Tickets: $18.00 available @ www.walkingfishtheatre.com or phone 215-427-WALK

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