Jonathan Hammond by Walter McBride

Jonathan Hammond who went sexy in John LaChiusa’s HELLO AGAIN is back in a new play!

Blake daniel and Jonathan hammond by Sara Krulwich from HELLO AGAIN

From the press release:
“A Strange and Separate People” by Jon Marans will be play Off Broadway at Theatre Row Studio Theatre, 410 West 42nd Street, beginning July 14th and Opening Tuesday, July 19th. Stacy Shane / ManUnderdog Prods.

It is an emotionally rich play about a young Upper West Side Orthodox couple, Jay and Phyllis. They manage to find a precarious equilibrium in their complicated personal and religious lives. That delicate balance is tested when Dr. Stuart Weinstein (a gay doctor who is newly Orthodox) invades their lives.

These are intelligent, opinionated people who have a deep love of their religion AND an enormous love of learning and questioning even authority points of view.

At times these separate loves ferociously clash in a contemporary story of betrayal and new beginnings.

Performances for the limited engagement are: Tuesday – Saturday at 8:00 pm, Sunday at 3:00 pm and a special Saturday matinee 7/16 at 2:00 pm.

Tickers are only $18. They can be bought at the Theatre Row Box Office or through Telecharge.

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