And, again, more on UNNATURAL ACTS

UNNATURAL ACTS deserves its extension. And I would say, it should not only be until July 17. It should be longer. The cast is just amazing.

Roe Hartrampf

With that said, Roe Hartrampf is so sexy and an unbelievable perfect body! No body fat, his moderately hairy body is to die for. And his cock is beautiful, thick and long with tight balls and hairy but well kept pubes. Plus a bubble butt too! During the performance that I saw, he faced the audience as he was drying himself. So everyone had a good look! I found some pics of him from Facebook.

Joe Curnutte by Andrew Smrz
Is this Joe? by Organic

One of the actors that I find cute is Joe Curnutte.  Too bad, he did not have a nude scene. He only went shirtless.  With few internet clicks, I found this picture, maybe its Joe’s, apparently, as from his friend’s description from the website, ( I hope this is him) and I would say, not a bad ass! I want to see  it live. 

Looking forward to see more of Hartrampf and Curnutte. Two rising young actors that are very talented.


P.S. To Lucy,

I was sitting at the correct side, audience right, stage left.

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