From the press release:

This is a program of two one-acts, We Haven’t Told Anyone About This by Chris Harcum, and The Threadbare Sex. In We Haven’t Told Anyone About This, nothing is as it seems in Lana and Eric’s living room. When Paige arrives early for her catering job, she uncovers a Pandora’s Box of deception, redemption, and sexual deviance. Blending Comedy of Manners and Greek Tragedy, this dark comedy gives a unique take on how we deal with heinous crimes that destroy people’s lives. Can sex and violence make the world a little less wrong? The Threadbare Sex follows three iconic Greek women, Antigone, Cassandra, and Electra, from Ancient Greece, through an 1860s drawing room comedy, and into the present day. In each re-incarnation, the women wrangle with their own fates and what it means to be the threadbare sex.

Venue: Manhattan Theatre Source
Prices: $18.00
Opens: July 11, 2011
Closes: July 16, 2011

Ticketing Info

Online Ticketing
Box Office/Info: 212-352-3101
Tickets On Sale Thru: July 16, 2011

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