TERRITORIES: THE SPOILS & a light gathering of dust

Two related plays that felt longer than they were. PTP/NYC presents Stephen Dykes two one-acts: “The Spoils” and “a light gathering of dust”

In the first play “The Spoils” , I suspect that the playwright was so in love with the music that they used for the play that he tried to create a play around it. The results is one of the most boring play I have seen. Even with an explanation
in the playbill, what the play was about, it was so hard to emphatize to any of the character, my thoughts were when will this play end.

The second play “a light gathering of dust” fared a little better, but the characters breaking into a third person and constant back and forth between past and present made it confusing. Alex Draper only went down as far as his boxer brief during the beginning and end of the the second play. He has gained a bit of weight since I saw him in “Terrorism“, but his moderately hairy pits and bod is such a turn on for me.

Megan Byrne and Alex Draper by Stan Barouh

Nudity Rating: 1

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