After seeing Joe Marshall’s ‘A Night in Vegas ‘, I was hoping there will be plenty of male nudity as well for ‘Dirty Secrets‘, part of the 2011 Fresh Fruit Festival.

Joe Marshall

Alas, with the soap opera formula, and some cheesy dialogue, the only nudity came from Matthew Link, showing his ass as Joe Marshall (The playwright is also the actor) tried to rape him.   Matthew tried to keep the towel in front of him. He is your twinkly type with smooth lithe body and a nice ass. From his boxer briefs it seemed like he has big balls. Too bad we didn’t get to see those balls. The saving grace of the show actually came from the nuanced performance of Marshall himself -as the blackmailer. I initially questioned his casting at the beginning but he won me over as the conflicted lover. Jason Romas as the boyfriend of Link wasn’t able to overcome the thinness of the script either. This is the second time I saw him in a Marshall play and he’s able to keep his clothes on!

Nudity Rating: 2

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