Bri Molloy by Ryan Colford

Carfer Lamor’s 4 Martinis has some shining moments scattered throughout the play.  It is very bold in deconstructing Latino culture and has some hilarious one liners.  But it suffers over-all due to the static nature of the play. 

A gallery owner hosted an over night for his friends after a gallery opening.  Guests include, a transsexual and her lover, an artist and his lover and the housekeeper.  The main problem with the script is, more than half of the play is exposition which drags the play down even though the topics of discussion are relevant. I’m not there to be lectured!  However, I would be lying if I’d say I did not enjoy it. I did. Especially with its gratuitous nudity. And also because, the play can definitely improve more.

The standout among the cast is Kristoffer Infante as Eric, the naturist artist.  he delivers his one-liners perfectly.  He also has an extended full frontal nudity, more than 10 minutes long.  He has skinny and smooth body but has a thick cut cock surrounded by lushy pubes.  Actor/singer/model Bri Molloy , as Gustavo, the housekeeper, also had his share of extended full frontal, about 5 minutes long. He has a very nice zero percent body  fat but not too bulky with well trimmed chest hair and pubes. Very beautiful cock and tight hairy balls and hairy bubble butt.  Bri and Kristoffer were not afraid to show it all. Too bad, the other cutie, Jesuhan Malave only went as far as his white boxers.

Nudity Rating: 5

Catch this show, part of 2011 Fresh Fruit Festival. They have one more performance on 7/23 at 1 pm.

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