Phillip Callen

Terry Quinn’s BAD EVIDENCE at the Cell Theatre is a delicious piece of theater especially the second act (even though the nudity is in the first act).  It reminded me of WAR OF THE ROSES.  Although the first act, seemed like a different play, it set up the second act very well. The first act showed the couple Leah and Rich reveal the twisted truth surrounding their marriage, (or did they?) .  They brought up characters intertwined in their lives which we will all meet in the second half of the play.  During the performance that I saw, it was the understudy Phillip Callen playing Rich.  His character Rich is shirtless all throughout the first act and has showed his ass a couple of times and a brief glimpse of his circumcised cock.  If you like your daddy types, Callen fits the bill, with his salt and pepper hair, down to his hairy chest and nice ass.  I would have loved to see Armand Anthony nude as well.  I think he is very yummy.

Carmit Levite and Armand Anthony by Garlia Cornelia Jones

Nudity Rating: 4

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