From the press release:

Flaccid Penis Seeks Vaginal Dryness
Limp Productions
Writer: Mike Poblete
Director: Rebecca A. Hengstenberg
Allergic to Semen seeks Delayed Ejaculation! Brotherfucker seeks Male Sibling! Anorgasmic seeks Wizard! Tired of insincere Facebook “friends” Dan finds a website for people even more ostracized than himself. Taking place entirely in cyberspace you’ve never seen anything like FPSVD.
2h 0m   Local   Brooklyn, New York
Multi-Media   Comedy
Staycation: Sci-Fi Tech SuperHero Camp   Ride the Rollercoaster of Love
VENUE #5: Dixon Place Share/Bookmark
Sat 13 @ 8:30  Wed 17 @ 4:45  Sat 20 @ 12  Mon 22 @ 7  Thu 25 @ 9

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