From the press release:

Nils’ Fucked Up Day
MONDAY Theatre @ Green Hours
Writer: Peca Stefan
Director: Peca Stefan
“The most obscene play in the Romanian theatre” -“Nils’ Fucked Up Day” is a sarcastic, existentialist take on the fucked up choices we have in this fucked up world. Outrageously presented in English by Romanian actors who won’t emigrate to NY… Maybe.
1h 5m   International   Bucharest, Romania
Comedy   Drama
Staycation: In Someone Else’s Shoes   Overseas Adventure
VENUE #5: Dixon Place Share/Bookmark
Sun 14 @ 4:15  Mon 15 @ 7  Thu 18 @ 7:45  Sat 20 @ 4:15  Mon 22 @ 3:45

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