Fringe NYC # 11: SMILEY

From the press release:

Smiley – How about some emotional pornography?
Writer: Eyal Weiser
Director: Allon Cohen
Each of the four characters in SMILEY discovers a new personality: the moderator turns into a cat, a blogger discovers her inner dominatrix, a talent turns into a Multi-talent and a guy falls in love with his holocaust surviving neighbor.
1h 10m   International   International, Tel Aviv, Israel
Comedy   Drama
Staycation: In Someone Else’s Shoes   Overseas Adventure
VENUE #10: IATI Theater Share/Bookmark
Wed 17 @ 3:45  Thu 18 @ 6  Fri 19 @ 7:30  Sat 20 @ 4:30  Sun 21 @ 6  Mon 22 @ 2

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