Fringe NYC 2011 Report: THE ONLY CHILD

Ben Williams from his website

Jessica Hinds’ The Only Child is comprised of three acts, the present, 20 years earlier and back to the present. A mysterious stranger arrived at an old couple’s secluded home, interrupting their daily routine.  The stranger Hadley played by Ben Williams has a sinister bearing that evokes a suspense-filled first act.  In the second act, Kerry Malloy as the Man, gave a heart wrenching performance as he confronts his father Asher.  Unfortunately, the second act can be cut out altogether because this second act is the reason why the final act did not have that much impact, making the third act feel longer.  Even with an excellent monologue from the naked Ben Williams at the end, it lost its mystery because of the exposition in the second act.

In the final act, Ben undressed backstage and came out wet and naked.  He has a lithe and smooth body, very bog booty and a thick uncut cock with very lush pubes. What a sight to behold!  He was naked for about 5 minutes in his final monologue. Ben Williams takes a star turn here and I will not be surprised to see him more often onstage. He has his website as well as fan page in facebook.

But it is still worth it to go see this play for Ben Williams and Kerry Malloy’s performance.  Such fine young actors.

Nudity Rating: 5

The Only Child plays at The First Floor Theatre @ La MaMa, 74A East 4th Street, through August 28, 2011. Remaining performances are Sunday, August 14th at 8:45PM; Thursday, August 18th at 5:45PM; Saturday, August 20th at 5PM; and Sunday, August 28th at 2PM. Tickets are $15 and are available at For more show info visit  For more info about FringeNYC visit

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