From our reader Billyboy:

“Just saw Hair, which has returned to New York and playing at the St. James
Theater. The famous “nude scene” at the end of Act 1 is fully intact. And WELL
worth seeing!!

Steel Burkhardt is very very sexy. He starts the show off stripping down to a
weird looking leather fringe thong thing, and then proceeds to terrorize the
first three rows climbing over them and shoving his very hot and somewhat hairy
ass into the faces of the lucky people in the dead center of the first 2-3 rows.

I was pretty close and I could see his balls when spread his legs, falling out
from the thong. Very sexy.

In the Act 1 closing number, when the “nude scene” takes place, you do see more
of the women, than the men, because of the semi circle they make around the
garbage can fire. The lights are pretty dimmed for that section, but if you’re
up close you’ll be in for a pretty great treat. (I was third row center). Steel
has a hairy body, which is fairly clipped, but sports a nice thick dark bush. He
lingers on stage a while after the “tribe” moves off. But because of the
lighting, I honestly couldn’t tell you if he’s cut or uncut. I’m guessing cut.
But it’s a nice thick dick and great balls. And beautiful pubic hair.

Marshal Kennedy Carolan by Greg Andersen

Another GREAT treat in the nude scene was Marshal Kennedy Carolan – one of the
dancers. You’ll know him from the second the show starts, he’s got shoulder
length blonde hair and has one the most beautiful bodies seen on Broadway this
season. He’s absolutely stunning (and that’s saying a lot for me, because I’m
not into blondes!). And nude was a HUGE treat. During 3/4 of the short nude
scene, he had a couple of girls standing in front of him, and so I couldn’t see
his dick at all (I was about 5 seats left of center in the third row), but if I
had been a few seats closer to center, I might have seen it more fully. But that
could vary every night based on where the girls in front of him stand. But then
the girls move off and leave him exposed for a few seconds before he decides (as
his character) to leave as well. And I got the full monty view. Let’s just say
he’s as perfect below the waist as above it! Great blonde pubic hair, a really
nice thick and somewhat long heavy dick and great heavy balls. His boyfriend is
one lucky guy!

I saw the understudy for “Woof”, Larkin Bogan, and he seemed to linger quite a
bit at the end of the nude scene as well, and so I’m guessing that’s what the
actor who usually plays him does. Larkin seems to be hairy if he hadn’t had it
trimmed down to stubble from neck to hips. Not my favorite choice, to be honest.
To quote the song from the show “give me a cock with hair, long beautiful hair”
haha. But Larkin has a very nice body and has ever reason in the world to walk
around naked. Everything on him is small and compact, but very nice.

I saw bits and pieces of the other guys, but it all happened so fast, and they
dimmed the lights to the point where it took a second to separate the boys from
the girls, and in a picture tableau, the staging has them semi-circle around the
garbage can fire, with girls in front, so there were a lot of dicks and balls
that I missed, unfortunately.

Your best bet to is try to be in the first 3-4 rows and as close to center as

Oh, and can I mention that the cast ROCKED. So not only is it worth it for the
nudity, it would be worth it even without it!”

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