Peter Welch by Peter Welch

Peter Welch’s script is not a full pledge play but a draft of an incomplete one act.  For an hour and a half the two guys Welch as the patient (also the actor) and Stephen Dym as the nurse go at it discussing about life, with a lot of homoeroticism.  It’s quite refreshing to have a straight character be open to gay sex but that’s not enough to keep this interesting past 45 minutes.  Dym also seemed tentative playing the nurse so I really didn’t believe him as a nurse taking care of a patient.  The script has a good promise if it can be incorporated as part of another play. Maybe Welch can expand this sometime in the future.  But at this point, it is half-ready.  Nudity-wise, with all the homoerotic talks… none.

Nudity Rating: 0


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