Peter Danzig and Thomas Ranisweski

Caught the performance of Tom Jacobson’s TWENTIETH-CENTURY WAY at Walking Fish Theater before they ended their limited run, a year later after I saw it in NYC Fringe Festival 2010.  I was pretty impressed by the script the first time but I wasn’t sure, heading to Philly, if I will feel the same way.

And was I glad I went there.  Jacobson’s script might seem pretentious for someone seeing the play for the first time, but for the second time around, I still enjoyed the clever writing of Jacobson. And the production of Walking Fish Theater under the direction of Karen Cook was pretty solid as well as Thomas Raniszewski and Peter Andrew Danzig playing actors hired by police to bait gay men in public restrooms — which actually happened in 1914 Long Beach, Calif. 

Raniszewski and Danzig has such a good chemistry, the challenges presented by the script (different characters, different accents constantly shifting all throughout the play) seemed non-existent. For some actors with less depth, the script could become an acting exercise.  But Raniszewski was evidently more in command of all the characters he portrayed.  Not once did I get confused which of the characters was he playing. But I think if given a long run, Danzig could be at par.

The nudity at the end is intact. Thomas and Peter stripped of their clothes one by one.  Danzig has some chest hair, with a nice big ass and legs with circumcised cock and tight balls.  Too bad I sat at the wrong side, and didn’t get to see the full frontal of Raniszewski. He has a very nice lean body, very smooth body, lovely nipples and a very nice ass.

Nudity Rating: 4

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