BURNING by Thomas Bradshaw

I have seen two of Thomas Bradshaw’s plays, The Bereaved and Purity, both have male nudity in it.  But on top of that, his plays provokes emotions among the audience that’s why he is such a downtown phenomenon, a Guggenheim-award winner. That;s why I am excited when THE NEW GROUP announced their 2011/2012 season and it included Bradshaw’s BURNING.

From the press release:

Thomas Bradshaw


By Thomas Bradshaw
Directed by Scott Elliott
Burning is the Off-Broadway debut of downtown phenomenon and Guggenheim Award-winner Thomas Bradshaw. In intersecting stories spanning two eras, a contemporary Black painter who hides his race goes to Germany for a show, only to find that the gallery owner has misinterpreted his work. And in the ’80s a homeless teenager comes to New York to become an actor and is taken in by two gay men, who are themselves producing a new play. Titillating, taboo-testing and psychosexually insightful, this epic tale of ambition and self-invention bursts open the conceits of the worlds of art and theatre. 

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