From the press release:

It’s New Year’s Eve 1983 and Martin’s plan for a quiet night in his parents’ basement is thrown into chaos when his old friend Dina and her hooligan roommates arrive with a gun, a bag of stolen books, and a dangerous idea.

Directed by Theatre Hall Of Fame fellow and NYIT winner Daniel Talbott, Eightythree Down examines the consequences of overindulgence and the futility of isolation through blood-smeared Ray-Bans. It’s a coke-fueled paean to superpop, reckless sex, sudden technology, and the search for authenticity in an increasingly artificial world.

September 1-17 at 8pm
Come early for drinks!
Under Saint Marks – 94 St. Mark’s Place between 1st and A

Ticket now available at SmartTix
or by visiting
HardSparks.com or HorseTRADE.info

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