All-male SALOME

From the press release:


Brooklyn-based FEMME FATALE THEATER will present OSCAR WILDE’S SALOME at The Secret Theatre in Long Island City for a limited run of twelve performances from October 6 to October 16. Featuring an all-male cast, this irreverent and erotic new production explores unrequited lust and sexual taboos through a distinctly queer aesthetic.

DAVI SANTOS portrays the seductive titular character with JOHN C. HUME as his sharp-tongued mother. Rounding out the cast are DANNY BAIRD, DANIEL DESTEFANO, FRANCISCO HUERGO, FRANKIE LAPACE, EUGENE MICHAEL SANTIAGO, and IAN SCHULZ.

Banned by the government upon its controversial original run in 1891, the wickedly funny SALOME is Wilde’s most lyrical and sexually provocative work. Based on the Biblical account of the execution of John the Baptist, and including the iconic imagery of his severed head on a silver platter and the infamous Dance of the Seven Veils, Wilde spins a story of forbidden eroticism embodied by Salome, the spoiled step-daughter to Herod, ruler of Judea. Salome always gets what she wants, and what she wants now is the affection of Jokanaan, a chaste and feared prophet imprisoned by Herod. When Jokanaan refuses Salome’s advances, she turns to her lustful and leering step-father to obtain what she desires.

For more information visit For tickets visit THE SECRET THEATRE, under the Artistic Direction of Richard Mazda, is located at 44-02 23rd Street in Long Island City, Queens.

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