I admit I was one of those who were disappointed that cutie pie Michael Stahl-David backed out at the last minute in Playwright Horizon’s production of an Itamar Moses’ play COMPLETENESS. But after seeing the New York production with

Aubrey Dollar and Karl Miller by Joan Marcus

Karl Miller in it, I cannot think of someone better suited for the role than Miller. He played the role very charmingly and I was wowed by his performance.  Nerdy and geeky but cute at the same time.  And the nudity is intact. He has a lithe body, not muscular but not skinny either with light hair on his chest.  Nice ass and balls plus he showed his circumcised cock crowned by a light curly pubes, not trimmed at all, a natural man!  All of the seats are a good view to see him nude but if you sit on the audience left, you can see him more frontal, if you sit on the audience right, he is in profile but you can see his ass and balls from behind as he hops onto the bed.  Over-all, the play is charming but I agree with all the comments form its first production, the “technical” problem at the end didn’t seem to be important to be part of the show. I can’t think of any reason why they kept this “Malfunction“.  Tonight is their opening night. Catch it!

Nudity Rating: 4

P.S. He also has a blog where he talked about his nudity onstage.

From our reader Billyboyalberto:

“Let’s get the most important thing out of the way first: Yes, there WAS nudity, and the second most important thing: the play is GREAT!! Truly funny. Very touching and moving. Well worth seeing even without the nudity.  Karl has a very lean and tight body. He plays a mathematics intellectual, and he looks like it during his nude scenes. In that, I mean that he wouldn’t be cast in a nude scene in something like, say, “Take Me Out”. Even though everything is lean and tight, it’s more like a skater’s body than an athlete’s body. He has a bit of hair on his well formed chest, and a wonderful treasure trail that you will see quite a bit of. When he finally drops his boxers, he had a great thick bush and a decent sized penis and great balls. Not huge, but everything was nicely in proportion. Was really glad to see yet another actor getting nude on stage that still has his pubic hair intact. I’m liking this trend away from the crazy trimmers and shavers of years past. About time that men began to look like men again! No matter where you sit, you should have a good view of his full frontal. Although you’re better on the left side of the house than on the far right, probably – but I’m only talking if you’re on the extreme sides. I sat just left of center and the view was perfect. There’s only one good shot at seeing him nude, so take it in while you can, because he drop’s trou and then slides into bed. Also, if you can get the front row or two, and are as close to center as possible, you’ll get numerous glimpses of his balls up through the leg of his loose boxer shorts. “

From our reader sauja32:
Karl Miller takes it all off in Completeness at Playwrights Horizons. Really smart show about a computer programmer and a biology grad student and their messy relationship. Miller, the programmer, drops trou center stage about midway through the first act. Only a few moments of frontal nudity, but he’s got a beautiful, very trim body, nice dick, and adorable little bubble butt, also seen later on as he gets out of bed and puts on boxers stage left. It’s interesting–he’s good looking in a very average way, but when he takes his clothes off, he’s a knock-out. Brief as the nudity was, it was enjoyable, as was the show. Flawed and occasionally clunky, but so well performed and winning throughout that you can overlook its messier moments. It’s a hearty recommend from me.

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