Gallery players has been very consistent in staging quality productions even with a limited budget and their first NYC revival of Douglas Carter Beane’s THE LITTLE DOG LAUGHED is commendable, from the cast to the set, and other technical aspects. I have seen this play 3x from it’s off broadway inception and up to their Broadway move and I must say Beane’s dialogues are still so hysterical !

Maeve Yore has the most difficult shoe to fill in as Diane after the excellent performance of Julie White. But I must say she did a creditable performance.


Brian W. Seibert by Scott Passdale

Brian Seibert is believable as the matinee idol, although he is on the short side, he’s quite cute and charismatic.  The nudity in the production is intact but Seibert seems shy to show full frontal to the audience .  During the first nude scene in the first act, his back is facing the audience. You can see his nice smooth big, and it’s really big, ass clearly but the frontal probably can only be seen if you are in first row extreme left or right. He has light hair on his chest, his brown nipples are tiny but cute.Same thing in the second nude scene in the second act, as he gets out of bed and puts on his boxer briefs, he turns his back at the audience . I actually got to see a quick frontal from him during the lights out before the second act, as he positions himself at the start, he walks naked from the side but it’s not completely dark so you can make out his circumcised cock and tight balls.

But I think the one who acted the best was Jake Mendes as Alex the male prostitute. I really felt his emotions as he was heartbroken at the end of the play, better than Johnny Galecki’s performance! And to top it off, he is not shy at all to show everything . He is your twink type with slender body with small pinkish nipples and pretty nice size cut schlong even when it is soft. I would say his balls hung medium low, and trimmed pubes. Wish he didn’t though! Because he has a natural hair curl, it would have been lovely to see his pubic hair untouched ! He showed his stuff twice as well and everyone can see it very clearly! Bravo Jake !

Jake Mendes from

Nudity rating: 5

Catch this play! It is running until September 25.

Venue: Gallery Players
Prices: $18.00
Seniors: $14.00
Opened: September 10, 2011
Closes: September 25, 2011

Box Office/Info: 212-352-3101

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