Shane McRae and Katherine Waterston by Kevin Thomas GarciaAdam Rapp is known for infusing his plays with the surreal and the current Atlantic Theater company presentation of Rapp’s DREAMS OF FLYING, DREAMS OF FALLING at the Classic Stage Theater is no difference.

However, the characters he created this time is not his usual with Christine Lahti and Reed Birney as the Cabots, Betsy Aidem and Cotter Smith as the Stofenbergs with Shane Mcrae as their disturbed son, having dinner at a the Cabots’ Connecticut home . I felt I have seen some of the goings on in the play in different plays but Rapp used these familiar elements and made it his own. The combination of the unknown with the climax of the play as emotions of the characters are about to burst, was just an entertaining night at the theater .

It was so touching as Smith was saying goodbye to his family and kissing them one last time. Lahti was spot on as Sandra who is so unhappy in her marriage and is dying to break free.

And I read in some blogs that Rapp’s play is confusing. I don’t want to spoil the suspense but my take on this: it’s about relationships about to break apart but was stopped by reasons they cannot explain, sometimes, the universe intervenes.

Shane McRae (who has gained a little bit of a weight) showed his ass and pubes as he had sex with Waterston on top of the dining table.  His bum is still juicy as I remember it from Take Me Out.  The stage in Classic Theater Company is a thrust stage and you will not see anything if you are in the middle. Either you should sit on the stage right or stage left. When I saw the play, I was on the right side and that is where Shane turned around while he pulls up his boxers. It’s possible he might turn the other way on other nights?

Nudity Rating: 3


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