Arthur Schnitzler’s LA RONDE

Columbia University’s MFA Acting Classes from the previous years have not shied away from nudity.  This year, the Class of 2012 is presenting….

La Ronde

Arthur Schnitzler’s intelligent play with a series of sexual encounters discussing love, life and morality will be staged as a dance with 18 actors, with the language of movement playing an integral part.

Venue: The Riverside Theatre, 91 Claremont Avenue
Prices: $15.00
Seniors: $5.00
Students: FREE
Opens: October 18, 2011
Closes: October 22, 2011

Tickets On Sale Thru: October 22, 2011
Performance Schedule:
Tue at 8:00pm
Wed at 8:00pm
Thu at 8:00pm
Fri at 8:00pm
Sat at 2:00pm
Sat at 8:00pm

  • Cast: Ito Aghayere, Rafael Benoit, Dan Bielinski, Donovan Christie Jr., Sarah Eismann, Melissa Graham, Danielle Faitelson, Kate Flanagan, Matthew Michael Hurley, Eddie Ray Jackson, Dave Klasko, Wei-Yi Lin, Daniel Levitt, Adam Lubitz, Natalia Miranda-Guzman, Blaze Mancillas, Jensen Olaya, Coco Marie Schneider


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