First Report on Thomas Bradshaw’s BURNING

As I said before, I am a big fan of Thomas Bradshaw. His plays are controversial, either you love it or you hate it. Nothing in the middle.

Vladimir Versailles

Saw the preview of BURNING and I will hold my full analysis until I see it the second time. Maybe I missed something this first time I saw it.

Right now, my impression of BURNING is that it is more suitable to be a movie than a play due to the Soderberg-esque way he presented the play with lots of different characters introduced in the first act, in different places. Only on Second Act did we get to see how all these players are connected. But right now, it just seem all over the place. I have to see it a second time……

Now for the nudity…..
Not all of the male actors went au naturel. 7 out of 10 male cast members went nude. Only Jeff Biehl, Andrew Polk and Drew Hildebrand did not go nude.

The nudity you will see will depend on where you sit.  I sat in the audience left and I think the center and audience left is the best side because most of the nude scene occurs in the stage right/audience left.

The actors that I saw nude:

Evan Johnson from Olkwood

Evan Johnson as Chris- twinkish type, skinny and zero percent body fat. Nice circumcised cock and tight balls.

Andrew Garman as Jack- He kind of gained a bit of a weight, now he has a big belly but his acting is still tops. I think he is the best among the cast.  Average cut cock, with red pubic hair and nice low hangers, big ass.  Not afraid to show it.

Vladimir Versailles as Franklin- Even if it is soft, his cock looks so thick and huge. I can only imagine it when it is hard! Nice and big hairy ass!

Stephen Tyrone Williams as Peter- Zero percent body fat. Nice bubble butt, average cut cock and nice amount of pubic hair.

Hunter Foster as older Chris- From where I was sitting, I only saw his nice ass and balls from behind.  Smooth body, pink nips.  Wish I can see more of him next time I see the play as Vladimir fucks him from behind.

Adam Trese as Donald- only showed his big ass.

Andrew Garman


Danny Mastrogiorgio as Simon- His sex scene with Garman is very dark, I wasn;t able to see anything as he fucks Garman.

Will report more when I see it for the second time!


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