Another BURNING Report

From our reader Jackson:

“Ok I could write a much longer report but I’ll just list the folks and the spots

Hunter Foster

for now —

Yes most of the cast is nude at some point in the play, but what you see does
truly depend on where you’re sitting – tons of asses and balls, etc – most
happens on the left side of the audience, in and around the bed

First incident involves Andrew Garman (Jack) and Danny Mastrogiorgio (Simon) –
they strip naked before bed – from where I was only Garman was visible full
frontal — and not shy about it – bit later they simulate sex for quite some
time – Evan Johnson (Chris) joins briefly and you see his ass – i never saw
Mastrogiorgio’s cock where I was, which was disappointing.

Stephen Tyrone Williams (Peter) appears fully nude in three different scenes,
each time having sex with a woman

There is a scene in the first act where Adam Trese (Donald) and Evan Johnson get
naked on the couch center stage laying down — what you see depends on where you
are – but from where I was Johnson’s cock and hole was visible as Trese laid him
down, and Trese’s balls and ass were visible as they simulated sex (as well as
trese holding his dick in his hand between his legs while fucking, from where i
was sitting)

All three female cast members are fully nude at some point —

In the second act, about 2 hours and 15 minutes into the play, Hunter Foster
(Older Chris) and Vladimir Versailles (Franklin) stripped naked, also at the bed on the
left side of the audience — saw a brief frontal from Foster (not sure about
Versailles, I had my eyes on Foster) — then he bends over on the bed on all
fours to get fucked — see his balls

A lot of nudity for sure, and a ton of simulated sex – but as I said –
frequently obscured by angles, other bodies, etc —

Really wanted longer and more clear frontal views from Foster, Trese, and

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