Third Report- BURNING

Hunter Foster and Vladimir Versailles in Burning. Photo by

So I saw Thomas Bradshaw’s play for the second time. I hate to say this but he kind of missed it this time. I don’t want to spoil this for those who hasn’t seen it but it consists of 2 separate plays. The connection between the two plays is very thin and it’s kind of hard to get passed it given the numerous characters in the play. At least, there should have been a strong connection, right? Too bad, I think there wasn’t.

With that said, it still is a MUST to see this play. The acting of the ensemble is much better. They are now more comfortable in their roles, and there are subtle nuances that they bring to each character that I did not notice the first time around.

Again, the stand out is Andrew Garman. He is just hilarious as he delivers his lines very seriously. Now he is equally matched by Andrew Polk who made me laugh hysterically everytime he delivers his lines.

This time I was seated in the middle, closer to the stage. Garman doesn’t have an iota of inhibition, so you can see his nakedness in any seat.

Mastrogiorgio’s scene where he was fucking Garman, is just too dark to see anything. I think in any seat, you really can’t see his jewels.

I saw the big bulge of Trese as he rubs his tighty whities. When he fucked Johnson, I got a good glimpse of his low hangers. Still no sight of his cock.

The main event for me this time around was seeing Hunter Foster nude. Finally! I love his toned, lithe and smooth body! His cock is average, with trimmed pubes. Got a better angle of his hole as he bent forward to get fucked by Versailles. Nice smooth hole and nice smooth balls! I was in heaven!

So guys, I’d say you have to see this play. This might not be Bradshaw’s best but when will you ever get to see Foster in the nude again? Maybe never after this. So take this opportunity!

BURNING runs til Dec. 17.

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