Cast of Burmese Days by Carol Rosegg

Aya Theatre’s production of George Orwell’s BURMESE DAYS now playing at 59E59 Theater cannot be more timely as Pres. Obama asked Secretary Hillary Clinton to go to Burma. She will be the first American Secretary of State to travel to the country in over half a century.

You can get an insight from the play why Burma has shunned its doors to the West after the British occupation.

The company is superb especially their sound effects as the cast helps in the production of background sounds as scenes changed, progressed.

Zak Shukor by Carol Rosegg

Too bad, the warning of nudity is not true, and the actor is a she (She was in her bra and panties). I don’t mind seeing some skin from Zak Shukor and Amerjit Deu.  Too bad their roles don’t need any disrobing 🙂

The play runs until 4th of December.

Amerjit Deu by Carol Rosegg


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