Friends And Relations
From the press release:

Friends and Relations celebrates the lives of 7 gay men: Miles, Dean, Byron, Ross, Bobby, Corey and Glen in New York City during the wild hedonistic late 1970’s and the sobering 1980’s (one of the most volatile and exciting decades in gay history), as they search for love (and other things) in a world gone just a bit mad. For a decade, it loosely follows the particular relationship of Miles & Corey, and how they affect their larger group of friends as they meet, break-up, reconcile; and as the friendships change with the times that push the boundaries of friendship, love, sex, family and loyalty. Through success and failure, through break-ups and breakdowns, it also explores the nature of friendships in the gay community; friendships that, in the end, take on all of the (positive and negative) attributes of a family and what it means to have true relationships in a world where old definitions no longer apply.

Venue: June Havoc Theatre
Prices: $18.00
Previews: December 1, 2011 – December 3, 2011
Opens: December 4, 2011
Closes: December 17, 2011

Performance Schedule:
Wed at 8:00pm
Thu at 8:00pm
Fri at 8:00pm
Sat at 2:00pm
Sat at 8:00pm
Sun at 2:00pm

Cast: Dan Amboyer, Joel T. Bauer, Nigel DeFriez, Matt Golden, Vince Nappo, Ben Roberts, Chris Sloan

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