Jordan Harrison has written a very interesting plot, switching present high-tech living to a simpler 1955 life, can it bring a couple a happier life? However, the complexities of the plot of MAPLE AND VINE presented by Playwrights Horizons, seems best suited for television or maybe a movie as a stretch.As a play, it doesn’t have that smoothness of a flow. The constant changing of props and stage sceneries are so painstakingly long that I felt made the play feel much longer than it was.

The cast are all in sync, from Marin Ireland, Trent Dawson, Pedro Pascal and the terrific Jeanine Serralles except for Peter Kim. I heard he is a replacement for a previous cast member, but he is way out of his league in this talented cast. I hope he improves in the future performances.Serralles as the wife of the man who leads the 1955-ish community somewhere upstate is outstanding especially during her breakdown and confession at the latter part of the play.Pascal as a kept boy also gave a heart wrenching performance as he professed his love over the phone.

Pedro Pascal by Walter McBride

And a nice nude scene was thrown in the mix post-coital of Dawson and Pascal as they are about to finish having sex. Dawson’s ass is very nice, big, smooth, and very nice shape, you just want to pinch

Trent Dawson from a scene in ATWT. Thanks to superherofan for the screencaps.

 it! Pascal also showed his lean ass in this scene.


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