MIchael Sazonov and Ethan Duff by Amanda Greenfield

I have been a big fan of Michael Weller so I was very excited to see his new play “Sex Good Money Bad”, comprised of 2-one acts and presented by Broken Watch Theatre Company.  The good news, is the First Act, Now There’s Just the Three of Us, Weller is in his perfect form, like in Moonchildren. He had the late 1960’s right down pat.  Funny, briskly paced and the cast is excellent as well as the direction of Tony Speciale.  Michael Vitaly Sazonov who played Perry was down to his tighty whities and you can quickly scan his package and his ass, but he is more on the skinny side.  Too bad the two other cute and sexy actors, Jeff Ward and Ethan James Duff,  didn’t show skin at all. The second act, Rules for Write Play, has no connection at all with the First Act, and the mangled English jokes fell flat.  The only good thing is that Weller gave important lessons in how to write a play. Here’s hoping Weller makes a full-pledged play soon…..


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