A lookback in 2011

2011 might not be as good as 2010 in terms of nudity, but there are stand-outs worth mentioning.

WILLIAM APPS from As You Like It

First, I would like to mention WILLIAM APPS.  This guy deserves a break in the movies and I think he is ready for it.  He will be a perfect character actor.  Everytime he is onstage, he is full of energy and for me oozes with sex appeal.  Love his hairy body. And this year, he showed his hole as he takes a crap on ADAM RAPP’S HALLWAY TRILOGY and nude in a small room in HOTEL MOTEL where we saw all of him up-close and personal!  Here’s hoping he will continue to do more risque stage performances even if he gets a break in TV and movies.


And LOGAN MARSHALL-GREEN. He already made a name for himself in Hollywood, starring in the TV series The OC, last year in the thriller movie DEVIL.  This year, he is co-starring with Charlize Theron and Patrick Wilson in PROMETHEUS.

It was not a surprise that he came back to do theater in ADAM RAPP’S HALLWAY TRILOGY-NURSING because theater was where he started. The pleasant surprise was that he didn’t mind being nude most of the play! And what  a performance it was! He really gave an outstanding performance as the patient-volunteer to help mankind.  And what a body! Very nice thick cock! I’m so jealous of Marisa Tomei.  He is one actor that we all should support.

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Amoralist’s Pictures from their Facebook page.

For the theater-group, hands down, it is the AMORALISTS THEATER COMPANY.  This company is great because they think outside the box, giving us unconventional theater going experience.  From PIED PIPERS to GHOSTS in the COTTONWOODS, and HOTEL MOTEL, we should support this talented and visionary theater group! Plus the fact that this group never shies away from nudity. Bravo!

Runners-up mention to ADAM RAPP for constantly giving us exciting play each time and with male nudity in most of it. Love you Adam! And to HUNTER FOSTER for shedding off his clothes in BURNING.

Here’s hoping for more nudity in 2012!

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