Hunter Parrish of GODSPELL

I was a regular watcher of Showtime WEEDS when Hunter Parrish replaced Jonathan Groff in SPRING AWAKENING in 2008.  I didn’t give him much thought, thinking it’s a casting stunt just to keep audiences from coming.  However, when he returned on Broadway, this time, as the modern day Jesus in GODSPELL, I thought to myself, well, maybe he can really sing.  And when I saw the show, I’m very impressed. He really can sing.  And add to this, the fact that he is gorgeous, and  a hunk!  A perfect leading man on Broadway.  Let’s take a look back at his sexiness from WEEDS.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is the link of his interview from where he talked about getting naked, among other things.  He is so adorable.

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