I have to give it to the Brits for bravely shedding it off for the sake of art. Recently, there is Michael Fassbender in SHAME, and of course, there’s Ewan McGregor among the famous English thespians who bared it all.

But before them, there was Simon Callow who shed it all off in the movie A ROOM WITH A VIEW.  He also showed it onstage in UK in THROUGH THE LEAVES where he got lots of criticism for him baring his body.  He pointed out, the nudity is an essential part of that scene (in a bath). According to him, the real problem with his appearing nude is likely to be the fact that, unlike Hamlet, Callow’s body is not generally regarded as “the glass of fashion, and the mould of form. No one complained at a very young, cute, Jude Law emerging naked from a bath!”

He is bringing his one man show BEING SHAKESPEARE at the Brooklyn Academy of Music April 4-14.  Even though he will not shed his clothes on this show, I just want to give shout out to Mr. Callow for being a pioneer in baring it all!
Thanks to Barbwire for the caps of the movie.

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