Good news guys, NAKED BOYS SINGING!, will soon re-open at the Kirk Theatre at Theatre Row beginning Thursday, February 23rd. This fifteen-song celebration of the male form, recently ended its run at New York’s New World Stages – Stage 2 last January 28th after 3,069 performances.

I just wish the producers of their website will constantly update who are the new cast members.  I don’t mind watching it from time to time especially if there’s a new cute cast member!


  1. I couldn’t agree more about posting the names of the current cast members! Frankly, I didn’t care that much for the show to see it a second time just for the show itself. BUT, it’s cute and if I saw that there was a particular new cast member that I thought was hot and would like to see naked, I’d definitely buy another ticket. I would bet, knowing that they do have a bit of a rotating cast on this, that they probably lost 2-3 ticket sales from me alone in the last year from the time I first saw it, til it’s closing at New World Stages. I’m quite sure there would have been a few of the actors rotating in that I would have enjoyed seeing. If only they had seen fit to let us – the audience – know who was currently in the show! It sort of makes me wonder: is it that they’re afraid they’ll lose ticket sales if they happen to have a rotation of cast members currently in the show that aren’t as hot as they might hope for? Because I suppose posting the cast list could, on occasion, lose them ticket sales as well as gain them ticket sales, if someone were to look at cast and think “naw, nobody all that hot that I really need to see naked in this group”. But even when I saw it – the hotness factor varied. 2-3 were very sexy, a few were moderately sexy, and a couple I wished would keep their clothes ON! I would guess that it’s probably always like this in a show like this. But I still think they’d sell more tickets to the gay community if the gay community could see who was in the show at any given time. I know that I’D keep checking back!

  2. According to a cast notice, the new production is looking for six new cast members. Considering the last production had 8 cast members and two understudies, I guess some of the gays from the last cast are onboard for the new production while several new guys will be joining them.

    1. Thanks for the comments guys. Hope the producers will announce who the new cast members are. Will post it here if it is available.

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