From the press release: Part of Winterfest 2012

In Maturity, Jeffrey is having an affair with his family doctor. Sarah is sleeping with her school coach. High school is almost over and college is about to begin. But will Sarah join her twin brother as planned or take off to be on her own? In Under Age, is Ethan’s summer fling with an older man a cruel lesson in love before he leaves for college or an initiation into adulthood? In Second Year Itch, Chet and Brian decide to open their relationship for one night to Jaimie, a homeless trick in hopes of ending their dry spell. They think that their experiment lasted only one night, until Jaimie moves in the next day.
Venue: Manhattan Repertory Theatre, 303 West 42nd Street, New York
Prices: $20.00
Performance Dates: March 14, 2012 – March 17, 2012
Tickets On Sale Thru: March 17, 2012

Cast: Fernando Contreras, Kati Rae Cowardin, Jimmy Moore, Joshua Rowe, Justin Sebastyan

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