Another one for ETERNAL EQUINOX

Michael Gabriel Goodfriend

The premise of Joyce Hokin Sachs’ Eternal Equinoxat 59E59 Theater is interesting on paper, with a fictional weekend between 3 colorful characters Vanessa Bell, Duncan Grant and George Mallory.  The sexual undertones during the first act is pitch perfect as Bell and Grant fight for Mallory’s attention.  However, this plot is not enough to sustain an hour and 50 minutes.  If she used this as a subplot to a bigger theme, it could definitely be very interesting.  Since she already mentioned Virginia Woolf, she should have thrown in another character and made an entirely better play.  But I’m not saying this play is not worth your while.  It is still an enjoyable time in theater.  The technical team is superb, every detail was given attention.  And the actors are excellent as well especially the male actors Christian Pedersen (as Mallory) and Michael Gabriel Goodfriend (as Grant) .

C Pedersen
Christian Pedersen

Before the intermission, we get to see Christian and Michael in the buff.  Christian has a nice smooth muscled body, nice ass and a circumcised cock with untrimmed pubes and balls.  It is refreshing to see a man not too trimmed. Michael also has a very buff body with hairy chest and nice bubble butt.  And he is well hung.  Very nice manhood I must say!  In terms of seating, it is a black box theater so all seats have a good view. All in all, I had a nice time watching this play.  You have until the end of the month to catch it!


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