The show NAKED BOYS SINGING  officially opened today, April 5 in a newly conceived-version at the Kirk Theatre.

The cast includes Jon-Paul Mateo, Ryan Obermaier, Alex Ringler, David San Angelo, Ricky Schroeder, Seph Stanek, and Christopher Trebinski.

Current cast. Photo by Michael Angora

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  1. I went tonight to see it, specifically to see the beautiful Alex Ringler (have been a fan for a while, and when I found out he had done NBS in Provincetown, I kicked myself that I missed seeing him full monty! That disappointment is only second to missing my favorite Timothy John Mandala nude in the show!). To my HUGE dismay, Alex is not IN the actual cast. He’s only listed in the program as choreographer. Not sure why he’s in the cast pictures, unless he did the opening and then bowed out. But the playbill is printed up with the current cast’s pictures, and Alex is not among the listed cast. So Clearly it wasn’t just that he was out tonight – he’s not in the show.

    SOOOOO disappointed! I honestly wouldn’t have gone tonight if I didn’t expect to see Alex Ringler. He was my sole reason for buying a ticket and sitting through this show again.

    So, here’s my review of what I did see: Mostly twinky boys. But twinky boys with very good voices – much better singers than the last cast. It’s a smaller cast than the one at New World stages. Only 5 people were on tonight. The hunkiest of the cast was out of the show tonight (a tall dark haired stud), although I don’t know why, because he was there in the back of the house. That was just a second cruel slap! I would have enjoyed seeing him naked. He’s better looking than the pics on the promo materials. But instead I saw him fully dressed at the back of the theater when I would have preferred him ON stage!!

    He and Alex Ringler are the only real muscle in the show (and as I said, Alex isn’t actually IN the show!) – and so without either of them on the stage, it was just a skinny twink fest (well, except for a beefy guy who doesn’t qualify as a muscle guy – maybe with 15 or 20 pounds off and a good solid month at the gym with some serious supplements). I’m not a fan of the shaved pubic hair thing, and every single guy on the stage is shorn down to either bald or stubble. Stubbly twinky boys just doesn’t do it for me… although I will say that two of them are EXTREMELY handsome… and a third was a also very cute in a Richie Cunningham type of way… and so to paraphrase the lead song “I would wonder what was under their underwear”… so I guess I’m glad I got to see what was there. I guess.

    The good news is that the boys DID rock it out – so I will hand it to them for that. Last time I saw it at New World Stages, the cast was clearly embarrassed about the show and not into it. As hot as Dave August is, he can’t hold a candle to the guy who took over his main solo’s in this cast. This new actor is actually too good for this show and I hope he finds his way to the Bway stage soon. Beautiful face, great voice, huge personality. I will say that this cast works their little tiny skinny fannies off… and so they deserve an audience. But I must say, I’m sorry that they have opted to not have any muscle boys in the show. I know it’s a favorite of bridal parties and hen parties, and with all queeny twinks, the show may not be as appealing to the women as the last version that at least had the hunky Dave August (even if it he did exit stage repeatedly to “fluff”!). Gone is the scene of the hot hunky guy who comes “out of the audience” and is “coaxed” out of his clothes. (Unless it was just cut for tonight’s performance and usually done by the stud guy standing in back). There was something contrived by also rather sexy about that bit of business. Always liked it.

    I will also say that the jokes are funny again. The boys deliver them well, for the most part. But let’s face it, once you’ve seen NBS, there’s not really any reason to go back a second time in terms of the show itself (book and music). So to get me back (and others I’m guessing), it would be about the hot guys. If they would get the likes of Timothy John Mandala back and Alex Ringler back, then I’d probably go back for repeated viewings!!

    But when will twinky boys realize that razor stubble down there just isn’t sexy…

    I really wish I could be more excited about this show. The actors on the stage deserve an audience. But I think it’s best to know what you’re seeing and to go to an Adonis party if you need full nude muscle hot guys… because you won’t find it in NBS.

    Please let me know if Alex comes back, because that would be worth another viewing!

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