Bloom! by Puskel Zsolt

Bloom! had their American debut at the Abron Arts Center in the Lower East Side.  And what a successful debut it was!  The audience really enjoyed their piece titled CITY.

Moreno Salinas by Puskel Zsolt

In CITY, five appealing young artists express their opinion about dictatorship, discrimination, prejudice, predominance, greed for power, fear, ignorance, attraction, stereotypes, faith and many other current and past social problems in the language of theatre and dance.

I love their sense and humor and it was an enjoyable night at the theater.

As you can see from the pic below and from my previous post, Moreno Salinas, Igor Urzelai and Csaba Molnar all showed their uncut cocks and their nice dancer bodies.  No steroid induced muscles at all.  And all have very nice bubble butts!  Moreno in particular has a very hairy ass crack as he bends over.  And what a refreshing sight to see untrimmed pubes! Very nice!

Moreno Salinas (2nd from left), Igor Urzelai (fourth from left) and Csba Molnar (extreme right)

And from what I saw, the crowd loved their performance.  Hope they would come back to show us their other piece TAME GAME.  I am definitely game to see them again!


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